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Feedback Thread N-Z,#,_

Leave a comment on a transaction either positive,neutral, or negative you've had with a user here if it was you buying,selling or trading.(feedback from seller to buyer, or from buyer to seller, trade for trade) Positive is for awesome communication, reasonable shipment, good communication or fast payment etc. Neutral is for user's who bought an item and got their item 2 months later after purchase or sellers that got payment from their buyer longer than expected. Negative is for items never received, payment never recieved, no communication etc. (What I stated above are suggestions and a guide to what type of feedback you may decide to leave a user, it is not a definite requirement and a user may not meet all what was stated to recieve a certain feedback..all feedback is left on user's discretion.) Since alot of us shop on ebay for our goodies, if you had a bad experience on there with something you bought/sold( sailor moon related only) tell us what happened and the username of the person so we can help our members keep away from these people. This can be told here. This entry will be constantly edited for your convenience.


Please, follow these steps to make things easier;
1. Take the time to search the list and see if there is already a comment thread started for the user you are leaving feedback for! If there is, click the link next to their name and reply directly to that thread. Click where it says "reply to this" do not click on post a new comment, unless they do not have an existing thread and your starting one. If you by any chance click on post a new comment when a person already has a thread, it will make a new comment and not post under the user's username.
2. If there isn't a thread started already, feel free to start a new one, making sure to use that user's username is in the comment of the thread! in bold (Add thread by clicking on post a new comment) You do not make your own feedback thread, a person that wants to leave feedback for you makes it for you.
3. If you simply just want to look at a user's feedback just click the link next to their name.
4. Make sure the user does not have a thread under another username and you mistakenly start a new thread for them with another username. Always look at user's username and look if they use different journals. For example, if you buy from me on my sales journal seraneptune and you don't see the name by itself on the list, look to see if it's next to another journal which in this case it is. If you look at the list it's next to my main journal cosmicheart/seraneptune, and it will be next to the C list and not the S.

Do not post one comment with feedback for multiple users. If you are leaving feedback for more than one user, please START INDIVIDUAL THREADS FOR EACH USER. IF THE USERS HAVE EXISTING THREADS, USE THEM.

1. Let me know if you use more than one username here so I can add it next to your main username. (Ex. LJ Store, other journals)
2.When leaving feedback for someone that has a LJ store or another LJ, leave the feedback under their regular/main username,(the first name you see listed of them on the thread) DO NOT make a new thread under their store unless they don’t have a regular username. For example, if you buy from one of our mods killmeneko who has a LJ store, leave the feedback under her regular/main LJ account listed and do not make a separate thread for her store!!.
3. When leaving a negative for someone, leave the feedback and then immediately send me a comment here so I can add it in this thread.
4. When adding a new username that's not on the list, start a new thread and put their username on the comment in bold, and comment here so I can add it to the thread.
5. When leaving feedback for someone who only has a LJ store but is not listed on the thread, start a new thread for them using their LJ store username as the subject and comment here so I can add it to the thread.
6. Feedback comments cannot be deleted or edited! (no exceptions!!) This means negative and neutral feedbacks cannot be changed even if you solved the problem with the user. Please think wisely and try fixing the problem before leaving feedback. I will be watching this thread constantly, with all feedbacks added sent directly to my email and if I notice this and I have to warn you about it 3 times, you will be banned from commenting for 3 days.
7. Leave detailed feedback comments on transactions, the more detail the better and it will help us in the future to make decisions if we want to have a transaction with that user.
I know that feedback means alot to people so the old amount of feedback that the person had before this thread, will be transferred on, including neutrals and negatives.
More rules will be added if necessary
Comment here if you have any questions or concerns, do not be scared to ask. DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO ASK A QUESTION
If there is a broken link or any other issues, do not hesitate to contact me.
If you do not follow these instructions and rules, I will warn you and appropriate action will be taken depending on situation. Please read below for details.

You will be disabled from commenting in the community for 3 days if the following rule is broken 3 times:

Deleting or editing a feedback comment, remember there are absolutely no exceptions!

If any of the following is done incorrectly I will contact you and give you 48 hours to fix it; if it is not fixed for any reason, the comment will be deleted.
Making a new feedback thread when a user already has one, remember if they have a thread click on their username and click on the last feedback left for them where it says "reply to this" to leave feedback.
Making a separate post for a user that has both a main LJ and LJ store, remember always leave feedback with their main username.

Feedback from Letter's A-M will be found here, and from N-Z,_,# will be found on this page.
Old feedback thread can be found Here incase you want to see more details on people that have gotten neutrals or just want to browse around.
Details on people that have gotten negatives can be found here


naiteiru Comment here
nenena Comment here
nipponsells Comment here
nitzcn Comment here

ochibawolf Comment here
odangoatama Comment here
ohjude Comment here

pandasales Comment here
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pauliepropylene Comment here
penanna Comment here
pharoah999 Comment here
piano_kun Comment here
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pixelmari/sakuyakumashiro Comment here
pgsm_usagi/pgsm_moon Comment here
plastic_garden Comment here
pockycookie Comment here
pockyraider Comment here
prettykitty84 Comment here
prinsesaian Comment here
princesspatamonComment here
prismsparrow Comment here
privie_monster Comment here
psycophant Comment here
psyheart Comment here
pumpki3 Comment here
purpleparadoxComment here

queenamoonfan Comment here
quill_nostalgia Comment here
qwirkyComment here

rahenna Comment here
ravenmichiru Comment here
raziel2012 Comment here
readingrissa Comment here
red_finale Comment here
rei2rei Comment here
rikastore Comment here
ringotori Comment here
remiem Comment here
rishu Comment here
rkod Comment here
roxyk630 Comment here
ryou_lover15/chibidreamsales Comment here
ryu_no_joou Comment here

saeculis Comment here
saigo_no_oni Comment here
sailorangei Comment here
sailorastera Comment here
sailor_marz Comment here
sailormoonfan35 Comment here
sailorphoenix84 Comment here
sailorstars_231 Comment here
sakabelle Comment here
sakana_hime Comment here
sakurangel Comment here
sammywhatammy Comment here
sarah_the_crab Comment here
sarahxmichael Comment here
sassypants678 Comment here
saturn_firefly Comment here
seakittym/sea_swept_tides Comment here
sean_montgomery Comment here
seerakosumosu Comment here
seiya_katayama Comment here
selphish Comment here
senashenta Comment here
seramars Comment here
serasaturn Comment here
serapikisu Comment here
serenity84 Comment here
sexmeplz Comment here
shadoupandora Comment here
shadowcaitiff Comment here
shibuya_girl Comment here
shinjuku_gal Comment here
shiraz_kun Comment here
shire_smith Comment here
shirono Comment here
skipbeat84 Comment here
skttlflvrdpanda Comment here
slrmoonserenity Comment here
smlmammm Comment here
snowlands Comment here
scout Comment here
so_nerdy Comment here
sparkles2407 Comment here
star_healer Comment here
starlightslk Comment here
strawberryremix Comment here
ssfseiyakou/seiya_katyama Comment here
sui_kune Comment here
sugardollfie Comment here
sunsetecho Comment here
sunshinesales Comment here
super_moogles Comment here
swancho22 Comment here
sweetie_sheng/sailorkawaii Comment here

taiki Comment here
taiki_kou Comment here
takaginaosama Comment here
fiendishfox Comment here
tehlilone Comment here
teamlouise Comment here
tezuka_zooooone Comment here
tifaria Comment here
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theanimequeen Comment here
thegrapeofdeath Comment here
thekid965 Comment here
thelittlewolf Comment here
snarecrazi Comment here
the_mae_nymph Comment here
velvet_ropes Comment here
thesehands Comment here
tradewithbunny Comment here
trav_trav_87 Comment here
trippindadeal Comment here
truesakura Comment here
tsukikage85 Comment here
tsuki_no_eifie/bishoujohenshin*used to be known as stormfaerie*
Comment here
tuxedobunny Comment here
tvreflection Comment here

usagitsukino/usagiserenity Comment here
usakochan/love_rabby Comment here
usagi_0_chiba Comment here

vehura Comment here
vickyblueeyez Comment here
vinylprinsesa/astargarden Comment here
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