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Bad Moonies/Bad Ebayers

in this post you will find all the bad moonies(transaction in serasell with individuals who recieved negatives)and bad ebayers, I decided to make a seperate post beside the feedback one because the list is getting larger. A link to this post will be posted in the feedback thread.
Feedbacks that have a page number next to them are part of the old feedback system, if there are any without any number it's because it's from the new feedback system. Here's the link to the old feedback system.
Bad Moonies

aych_star_arr -3 This seller has scammed 3 of our members. He has sold on this community before. Beware of a man named Omar and lives In New Orleans. Ignore him at all cost. He also has a name on ebay under moonlitdashboard For more information on the trasactions he has done click here

br00tal_bby -1 Left by missreddawn,Negative feedback. The seller AGREED to sell me the pink star locket for $900. Only today, on the day my e-cheque for the item cleared, does she tell me that she has decided to turn around and sell it to someone else for $1000. I had already taken the money out of my bank account to pay for this item and now she has gone back on our deal. She never even told me that she was still in negotiations with other prospective buyers--I trusted her when she said that she would settle for $900. This is a bad selling practice and I feel very cheated. I have e-mails to prove everything I have said.

butterflycandle -1 Left by yen_sama, more info about this can be found here

darkalessa (feedback pg 26) -1 statement from killmeneko She was supposed to send me a money order for an item on my sales journal, and after many emails saying "I sent it on November 21st" and no contact for the past month, I am sick of waiting. I don't believe she ever sent the payment- what a waste of time!!!

earthisblind-1 statement from pumpki3, ----- NEGATIVE -----

I bought a Venus doll from them for $90, seller claimed it was in "perfect condition".
When I got it there were red marks on her legs, discoloration on her front and back bows, major sun damage and the box was ripped apart. When I PM-ed them to try to resolve this, I was ignored. Now in the process of a Paypal dispute.

Never buying from them again.

galexia_(feedback pg 18,22 soution of 22 on pg 24) -2 statement from houdini_splicer, It wasn't really a horrible transaction, and it was only over a couple of cards, but the communication was poor (regardless of current circumstances, the communication was still below average) and I had to ask her if it had been shipped, if it had, when had it been, on several occasions.

And whether it was just an honest mistake or not, the fact of the matter is I never received the cards in the end.

Not horrible, just very poor. Most likely wouldn't try to buy from again tbh.


from moon_justice about galexia_ I ordered some burned dvds of a few musicals, and some episodes I needed from her back in August. She claimed that the dvds got messed up and she had to restart them over again. I still have yet to receive them.

goku_the_saru(feedback pg 7 solution pg 8 -1) statement from ochibawolf,Book was NOT mint(she stated it was mint). The book was dirty, had bent corners, and looked overall in very used condition. Not very happy about that. Also, took more than 2 weeks to get to me(after I paid).

iwontsayplease -1 statement from catalina_bella, She submitted an offer for an artbook I was selling, was outbid and increased it hours before the deadline, very communicative and rather pleasant. I informed her she had won and gave her a final total and payment information minutes after the bidding period ended. A day and a half goes by, no response or payment so I sent her a PM asking if she was still interested in the book and restating payment information. Later that day I saw her post in other LJ communities, meaning she had access to my message and chose to ignore it, not to mention the comment on the original post. I let another 24 hours go by before contacting the other user interested in the artbook, who gladly purchased it. I'm not angry about her backing out of the sale, what bothers me is the way she handled it by not communicating at all, especially since she knew someone else was interested in the book. It is not a good way to conduct business and I will not be selling to this user again.

loki_jar-1statement fromchelseacandy loki-jar is the worst seller I have ever dealt with.

Purchased an eternal tiaru 6 weeks ago, never sent my wand. I filed a claim 2 weeks ago, and she refused to mail it "because I filed a claim". So I told her I wanted a refund and after more days of waiting, she initiated a refund when she had no funds, so it took me over two weeks since the paypal claim (and 6 weeks since I sent her money) to get my money back. Avoid this seller!

lovinganime(feedback pg 21,33) -3 statement from seakittym,We had lots of issues with the transaction from the get go. My money order came back to me in the mail with a wrong address. lovinganime didn't accept LJ emails at the time, so I tracked her down on this post and commented:

Over a month later, I finally received the package, but it was the wrong book. She said clearly she would send the other book. It has been five months and I have yet to get that book. Then I left her another comment on a post she made on sailormoonfans and it was promptly deleted and I got this message:

--- lovinganime wrote:
> I am so sorry! Keep the other copy of the Sailor Moon manga and i'll send the Sailor V manga as soon as some of my stuff sells. i'm so sorry for the trouble! i hate myself now! i'll think of something to give to you as an extra gift.

That was nine weeks ago (LJ email doesn't give an exact date) and I've heard nothing and received nothing since.

I know it was only $10 but that was my very first (also last) purchase from this community and that's how it went down. I waited over 6 months for the correct manga to arrive.

statement from chelseacandy about lovinganime,
took me weeks to get my money back. Paypal forced a refund. She tried to scam me 35$ for a Irwin sailor pluto doll. Would not reply to any e-mails.

statement from catalina_bella about lovinganime, sold me 5 dolls for $25 each, a few days later he deleted both his journals. I finally got a refund after opening a Pay Pal claim and arguing with him for 10 days, but it was a lot of wasted time and effort. I'd also like to add that this seller's name is different from the name listed on his Pay Pal account, I believe it's in the name of his mother (I'm not positive, but this seller is very likely under 18 and goes by "Cody", "Melissa" is the name on the PP). His current ebay account is sailorsenshi777, I recommend all buyers be wary of him.

lovemebreakme -1 statement from chibi_5, NEGATIVE!! she told me she had an items that she wanted to sell to me and right when I was going to pay her she bailed and said the item had a sentamental value to her and she didnt want to get rid of it after all. later on, she post it up for sale and she didnt even tell me after she said she would -___- very dissapointing

mintbunny-1 statement from battycollector, Negative.
I paid $5 for two videos. Had great communication in the beginning but wont reply to my messages anymore. I never received my items and was never refunded.

pharoah999( feedback pg 5 and solution pg 6) -1 statement from book48, Would not recommend this seller. BEWARE! As of today, I never received the Mars World doll that I paid for. The amount I paid was $13.00. I sent out the money order back on November 27, 2007 and seller said that she received it. First the seller said on December 4, 2007 that she would send it out during the week. After waiting for a week or so on December 15, 2007 I posted a message on the original selling post asking if she sent out the doll yet. I got no response. After waiting a couple days on December 19, 2007 I emailed the seller. This time I got a response and she said that she was sorry for the delay and sent the doll out that week. After waiting for about another week I emailed the seller again explaining the situation and asking the exact date the doll was sent out and the method of shipping. The seller never replied. I ended up sending that same message to the seller 7 times through some different ways, 3 times through email, 2 times through livejournal message, once at her journal which you can see here: and once at the original selling post which you can see here:
I never got a response to any of those messages and I have seen the seller posting on the community so she must have seen them. It has been about 2 weeks since the seller said she sent it out. I don't know if anyone here can help me but I would like the matter to be resolved and to receive the item, if the seller even has it. If not I would like my money refunded.

pgsm_usagi(feedback pg 26) -1 statement from evilcatsterer,I started a transaction with her back in mid-September for a Korean Sailor Mars doll for $20. Communication was TERRIBLE, it was "shipped out" about 4 times, and I was only notified of a supposed problem after I emailed her asking what the status was (problems were things like "I didn't get to ship it out until yesterday" after her being paid for a few weeks, or "it just got sent back because there wasn't enough postage", or "it just got sent back because the address was on there wrong, what's your address again?"). There was about a month time period where I emailed her numerous times asking what the status was and asking for a refund as I hadn't received anything, no tracking number or anything, and didn't get a single response until early December I believe it was (might've been late November), after my emailing her once again she finally emailed me back, apologized and said that she was sorry she hadn't responded and that things had been rough the last couple weeks (keep in mind I placed the order in September--that's a looong couple weeks) said that she figured the package had gotten lost in the mail and would send me more stuff to replace it, but could not afford to refund me as I'd asked. To this day haven't received a single package from her. My money was finally refunded a few days ago.

Almost four months it took for this to be complete. I never got a package, it took me that long just to get a refund. My advice to anyone who decides they want to buy from this seller: DON'T BUY WITHOUT ASKING FOR TRACKING UP FRONT and get an actual set-in-stone ship date! I don't know if my doll was ever actually sent out, I got one excuse after the next. I won't buy from her ever again.

sailorlover This person did not officially recieve a negative, however tried spamming one of our members. More info can be seen here

seerakosumosu-1, statement from sailor_marz, Negative.

I paid for two items back in Novemeber and they were not sent out to me until Feb. They did arrive in good condition, but the fact that there was always some sort of excuse as to why my items were not being sent and that I had to wait for so long between any sort of response and to receive my items was unacceptable.

the_dobe-13 this seller scammed over 13 members, we only have 13 in record though in the community. This seller sold items that were marked sold here on other communities, this seller took home over $1,000 with her. This seller used multiple names and emails to view everything on this sell click here

kazenokodomo(feedback pg 5) -1 Seller posted alot things for sell than changed mind on selling and never replied to members and disabled commenting.

princessarista(feedbacks on pg 20) -2 only 2 have reported with me but this person screwed over alot of members by selling rare sm stuff and ppl never got their items. more info can be found here.

yen_sama,tuxedobunny-1 each statement from ainobethie, payment never received, fell off the face of the earth.

trippindadeal -1 statement from starlightslk, NEGATIVE! Never received items purchased and communication ceased after I sent payment.

I commented on a selling post made by trippindadeal on serasell back on 10/15/09 for a Sailor Moon lot. They contacted me back about month later on 11/25/09 and we negotiated and settle on a price for the lot they were offering the communication was pretty steady through that whole process, I checked their feedback, which was on their journal and they had positives from everyone including some people I had dealt with on serasell before.

I sent payment on 11/27/09 and have not heard anything since I have made it a point to comment inquiring on the status of shipment and even request tracking, and no response, so I started to get worried. I wrote several comments about one per week after I notified them that I paid and no response.

I figured giving a month was more than fair since the gap between their initial post and response to my first inquiry was a month, but since I paid over a month and a half ago now and haven't heard so much as a peep since and have not received the items, I figured I should report them here in addition to filing the Paypal claim.

I waited 41 days and on 1/7/10 I filed a Paypal claim and then when trippindadeal didn't respond to the claim after several days I escalated the claim on 1/11/10 and they have until 1/21/10 to respond. Link to their original sales post can be seen here

pixelmari/sakuyakumashiro/agentred0088 more stuff on her here, and here(massive list of alias, and more info on her scamming for 10 years!)(She possibily has striked again, and again on 10/24/11) -1 statement from jelenity, Negative - Pixelmari was a buyer
** Will never EVER sell to again **

Awful temper. Bad attitude. Started large order then constantly changed order items and totals after each invoice. Went on for almost 5 months.

~ STARTED in April on the 14th ~
* April 16th sent your invoice w/shipping
* APRIL 17th you wrote back saying you only have a portion of funds.
* May 7th you wrote back to change order and get new total.
* May 23rd you wrote again w/same order & asked about shipping.
* Didn't have enough money, re-invoice everything but tin.
* Invoice sent
* Still didn't have enough & asked for me to sell for less.
* I told you to order when you had the full amount of money.
* You suggested that I accept your offer.
* I said no & told you to make sure you had money before ordering next time.
* Order placed again. I invoiced & this time items as they were on sale.
* But again she just doesn't have enough money.
* Offered me $24 from a $30 + shipping order. I said no.
* I cancelled order.
* Wants to trade partially with me for her old order.
* I said no.
* Specified if no reply & payment recieved items go back out for sale.
* Asked again for the same darn order as last time.
* I invoiced her 8/13/10. Total $40 + $3 shipping. ($43)told her she had 12 hours to pay it.
* She sent payment for $33 only
* She reneged on her end of the order.
* Her payment was refunded. Transaction was canceled.
* Sent a message as to why I refunded her & told her I would no longer sell or respond to orders from her.

~ Stalking ensues:(vulgar)..I get this e-mail.

Re: Invoice.

why do you offer me 30.00 for everythign and chance your ind
and then you write me a Nasty Note?
Are you THAT type of seller?
Then I do not want to buy from you. GOOD DAY

** I replied in thread
I offered you a discount when I had a sale which was over 2 months ago. You didn't pay up then, counter offered and I refused not once or twice but now a 3rd time. I am not going to accept what I didn't ask for. I clearly stated how much you owed. You have not followed through on your end. And we have been going round and round ever since. As such I am tired of it.

And I don't have nor have I ever written a nasty note. I find it rather rude that you wrote screw up B*&%$ and tell me I wrote you a nasty note... LOL. That's truly laughable. I wrote a note that was very calm, collected and thorough. I didn't cus, I didn't write profanity, I used actual words and you, I think you feel a bit guilty of jerking me and the order around and are trying to save face. But that is not here nor there. Have a wonderful year and I wish you luck with your handmade boocoo item account.

8/13/10 after message(above) she wrote an e-mail reply using paypal's address for me (from my refund) with profanity

keep your junk
^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * wrote:
Aug 13, 2010
Trans ID: 2KM

☆ Then she hit my feedback section...

started by Anonymous
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 13th, 2010
(IP Address:

After that yet another one....
started by Anonymous
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 13th, 2010
(IP Address:

I know your going to delete this anyways
then keep your junk then it is over priced anyways.
and who gives a shit about your life crap. keep your life off you computer sales we don't care. if you want to sell shit then sell it don't bitch about every little BS crap going on in your life.

stupid moron

8/16/10 - a reply from her to me, through a posted reply to pockyraider for a possible trade.

Ironically she posted & then deleted message.

Reply to your comment...Monday, August 16, 2010 From: "pixelmari - LJ Comment" To: pixelmari (pixelmari) replied to a comment you left in a LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:

Their reply was:
no body wants your CRAP

*~ Bottom line: I am opening a negative complaint with you as far as feedback goes because of your inexcusable behavior

Bad Ebayers
froglady9261 -1 this seller sells cells, and statues. She will over charge you for shipping saying she is including insurance and confirmation, when I got the item,there was only shipping confirmation and no insurance and sent the item with the lowest shipping cost when i paid for priority mail. They sent mecosmicheart a resin statue broken and did not take responsibility for it and never issued a refund. Pictures of damage can be found here Ebay was not able to do anything since I paid with money order, which is the only method this seller accepts.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS! (is now unregistered but may come back)
kathy_01dog 1 killmeneko statement, I bought a $90 doll from the user kathy_01dog, and she shipped it in an ENVELOPE! ><;;; which caused the box to get a bit crushed. I left neutral feedback, and she tried to blame me anyways. Here's her feedback
I would warn anyone buying from her to be careful!
ljc2244 1 statement from pandasales, I purchased the Sailor Moon movie boxset from this seller on eBay. He was generally friendly and shipped very fast, however the DVDs were misrepresented.

1. They were listed as Brand New, and according to eBay that means still in shrink wrap. The DVDs were opened and in Like New condition.
2. The seller used a stock photo in the auction. It was of the original release, however I received the "Signature Series" version.
3. I purchased shipping insurance, but he did not insure the package. After pushing for a refund for it, he did refund that money though.
4. The auction stated it would be shipped via Priority Mail, it was sent First Class.

I bought the DVDs really cheap, and I assume the seller was just clueless about their value. However, the seller's responses to my concerns were kinda shady and it seemed like he was trying to pull a fast one on me. I don't know if he'll ever list anymore Sailor Moon items, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. If you see something he's selling that you're interested in, make sure you question his description of the item. It may not be 100% accurate. You can find more details about this particular issue here: here,
here, and
floralcloud/rainbow_gossip on ebay 1 this ebayer/livejournal user sold mecosmicheart a locket that was in supposely working condition when it was shipped. When I received the locket, it did not work at all. I emailed her about it and she told me that the only thing she can refund me was half shipping cost( she was being a cheap ass telling me that the reason it was because she supposely paid for the packaging which mind you, that when i got it there was an address written on it before and was strached before i got it, and also cause supposely she had to pay for bubble wrap which also looked used.)She over charged for shipping to cover all shipping materials, which was bull that she bought it cause of what i stated before. After I had told her what I had noticed, she must been like oh shit I got caught and send me full shipping cost refund. She, however never sent me a refund for the locket,( i even offered to sent it back) She kept making up excuses saying that it was my fault and that I requested the buy it now price( which I did because I thought it was working duh) so she was not held responsible for nothing. I over paid for something I could have gotten for $10 bucks on ebay that was not working, but instead I got scammed into believeing that it did work and paid twice as much and she did not want to take responsibility for it. I had to practically live with it, and be stuck with an item that did not work.
macias630 -1 all the information on this seller can be found here
molokoloko -2. He scammed tsuki_no_eifie, another memeber here, and several others on Rare Sailor Moon artbooks (among other things according to his feedback). Specifically the Hardcover Materials and Infinity. If you ask for tracking, he'll give you a fraudulent number. He will change your name and address around so that it won't reach you, and if it does, there is no return address. His communication will completely stop after he received payment. tsuki_no_eifie and the other member were lucky enough to catch him in time to get their money back, and he now has negative feedback from 9 different sellers, and FIVE from just one! STAY AWAY!!! Even though I think he's pretty much ruined. He probably has a new name somewhere though, sadly. =( Click here to see his feedback.
ninabina42 -1 Her name is Nikolina Izydorczak, this seller sold me cosmicheart a item, it took a month to get here, and when it did, it came damaged, I emailed her about it and she refused to give me a partial or full refund, she also said she sent a replacement, I never got it. She must have lied. Anyway, don't ever deal with her! here is her feedback ( she also screwed someone else over for an sm doll look
runningdirtdigger -1 buys Sailor Moon manga only to resell it at grossly inflated prices, thereby making SM manga even harder to come by. I recommend people planing to sell SM English manga on ebay block this buyer, more information can be found here.
shining_polaris -1 This ebayer bought from pgsm_usagi on ebay, when she sold a wig on there, the buyer claimed that she did not send the same item that was on the ebay auction picture. This is an excuse this buyer has put on pgsm_usagi on purpose, if you look at her feedback she has alot of negatives from sellers saying they had to refund her because she said she never got items/not as described, this is something that she constantly does. She buys a item, and looks like she doesnt like it or w/e than tells seller that she never got it. She is the person that gets an item, claims she never got it in order to get a refund and keep the item in the same time. Plain and simple this buyer is a scammer. Block this buyer!!! Her feedback can be seen here
botti.celli -1 scammed mea_panda on ebay and at least two other people that she is aware of, she thought she was buying a star locket. no item never ever came and no communication from the seller at all anymore. paypal name was Vinnie. feedback could be seen here
animezone80 -1 sold pgsm_usagi bootleg dvds to her without saying they wwere. for more info click here
babymamadebbierowe,highu3,ttbutters,ttbutters23 -1 scammedkhaleesi on a sailor moon doll lot. These ebayer uses those names interchangably and relists the same dolls over again in different usernames and is scamming alot of people by using this method, more info can be seen here
LadyShadowForever -1 scammed jo_fitzI bought a Chibi Moon Baby Doll from LadyShadowForever on eBay. Her real name is Teah Hall. It was listed as brand new, never been opened or displayed. From the photos I could see that there were going to be some flaws with the doll's hair. But I was 100% told that the doll was brand new, never been opened or displayed.
But when the doll came this was obviously not true. I wasn't going to file a claim because I felt bad for her. I was a bit disappointed to see that she wasn't "new" new so I told Teah to describe her items better. After I messaged her, I noticed a stain on Chibi's glove. This combined with the state of her hair (and the state of the box) leads me to believe that the doll was at least taken completely out and probably played with.

When I posted online I saw other people saying they bought something from her and when it arrived the item wasn't as it was originally described. People have avoided leaving negative feedback because of what I'm posting next.

This is important, this is how she scams!

I have noticed a pattern of emotional manipulation. Teah has a way of making people feel sorry for her. She will apologize and come off as "stupid", sickly, poor, and really emotionally attached to the items. Like it's just killing her to sell them. I am 99% sure she acts this way because it works.

Here is all the evidence I gathered from my transaction with her. Some of the images are quite large and/or long. These prove that she did not properly state the flaws in the auction. The only thing blurred out is my email address.
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