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Taking offers on Crisis Dress, World Heart Bath Cards, Super Moon World Doll

Taking offers on Crisis Dress, World Heart Bath Cards, Super Moon World Doll

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Offers ending TONIGHT (Saturday 27th) at Midnight CST. 

Bidding is now closed, winners are being notified.

Post updated to show sold items, items I did not sell have been deleted from this post

There is something I really really really want on eBay (it is pretty much my holy grail Sailor Moon item) and so I am selling some of my Sailor collection to help fund this new purchase.  I will be taking offers for the next few days until Saturday (no idea on time have to figure it out as I will be out of town on the weekend) and if it doesn't get what I think it is worth I will not sell it. These items are part of my Sailor Moon collection and it is hard to part with some of them, so please understand. 

Feedback: I sell rarely but I do have a few feedbacks on my journal from selling and one from trading. I also have feedback on the community page. I also have postive (buying) feedback on etsy and eBay, leave a comment if you wish to see that feedback.

Shipping: I live in Canada so shipping may be a bit more then one is used to. Items are shipped from a smoke free home ^_^ with outside pets. For most of these items they will be shipped in a box so shipping will be around 8-15 dollars for most items to the US and Canada. The cards can be sent in a bubble envelope so shipping will be cheaper for those. Tracking can be provided but stops tracking once the item is out of customs.

Payment: Due to the speed that I need the money I would love for paypal, as I have a personal account I can only accept bank balance or instant transfer but if you can only do CC paypal I can accept 3 I think in one year.

If you wish to make an offer please comment here do not e-mail me or PM me. Please don't ask for offers that include shipping, thanks.

Moon Crisis Dress: Comes with Dress, Butterfly wings, ear piece thingy, choker, boots, gloves, grail, wand, and stand. Box has a little wear on the bottom. Box has never been opened by me.
Offers to start at $25.00
Current offer: $27.00 (trippindadealtrippindadeal))

Sailor Moon chibi figures

Winning bid:
jo_fitz  (10.00)</lj></lj></lj>
Sold- Sent October 6, 2008 Thanks for looking,


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