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Banned Users

Banned Users

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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin
Nothing fancy here. Just a list of banned users with a brief description of the reason for banishment. Links to more detailed posts may be available. If not, feel free to comment or PM me for additional information.

pixelmari - Primarily known as Mary Walker, she was banned for scamming people as a seller, filing fraudulent PayPal claims, attempting to trash community & member names, sneaking back in to avoid her ban, and impersonating another member. She's also an art thief and a troll. ( Link | Link | Link | Link | Link | Link | Link ) | (Most current eBay: territerry987) | (Most current troll: mmagic999 Sept2012: rosebride00 | x | x | x | x)

flyingpeachbun - Banned for buying items and unreasonably complaining about their condition, asking for refunds and sending items back with considerably more damage than originally described. We suspect she was replacing her damaged items with this shady practice. She has also been reported for harassment, buying out from under people, and guilt tripping. ( Link | Link )

goldenheart22 - More commonly known as "Cutechong", this user was banned for posting the most ridiculous sales post of all time. She is apparently a huge scammer (much like Mary), but this is actually the first I've heard of her. She's also an art thief, stalker, and troll. Currently her Facebook profile is making use of our community banner as her cover profile (and STILL is, even after the layout change on 5/11/12). (Finally took it down I see, but for how long?) We also believe she created a fake Serasell page on Facebook. Have some fun and just Google cutechong. It's crazy. ( Link | Link | Link )

If you believe you have encountered any of these users under a different username or on another site, please PM me with your concerns. We will help you in any way we can, and in turn, you will be helping the community stay safe from these so-called fans of Sailor Moon.
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