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Wheeeee! Sales!

Wheeeee! Sales!

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Ok so I got a lot of stuff! Feel free to throw out offers if you think something is too much I want to move as much of this out of my place. A lot of it has recently come in from Japan and it's like new. The packaging has been opened to view the items but everything has it's toei sticker. Pretty much everything is negotiable. Click image for larger version. If you need more details or would like to see more pics let me know. No PM's please I'll respond to each comment on the thread. All shipping costs will include paypal fee, shipping materials and delivery confirmation.
Also free shipping on orders over $20! (That includes stuff from my journal post too)

I try to get these items to people who really want them I'm only trying to make my money back not trying to gouge people if you think the prices are too high just let me know. I'm more of a buyer than a seller XD

Wishlist if you have items I'd be open to trades. I collect chibi style stuff mainly so if you have something I don't have show me a picture! Just an FYI I don't collect this art style.


All on ebay!

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