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Sailor Moon manga #2 for sale!

Sailor Moon manga #2 for sale!

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j-music // beni
I have an extra copy of Sailor Moon manga #2 (Mixx 1998) which I need to get rid of. I have 100% positive feedback at eBay and my selling community eowynsells.

Pictures: cover, back

Language: English

Condition: Excluding some cover wear and slightly loose binding in the beginning/end pages, the book is in a very good condition for its age. No loose/missing pages, and all pages are in excellent condition.

Price: $10 + shipping (Paypal transfer fee included. You may also make an offer.)

Payment & shipping: Paypal ONLY - this is for international buyers, and I WILL ship worldwide. In the case you're a Finnish citizen, I also accept bank transfer. The book ships from Finland, the method (Priority, Express, etc) is up to you.

More questions? Ask away!

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