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Forgive the bad camera; selling childhood things

Forgive the bad camera; selling childhood things

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 During the mid 1990s to mid 2000s I had a pretty hardcore Sailor Moon phase going on. Today, after extensive rummaging I've found a small fraction of my once golden heap. As I find the better stuff I'll upload but for now I simply have these. 

Sailor Neptune, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. All out of box (obviously) the boxes have been long lost. All accessories (wands, Lunaball, hat and glasses) included as well as original stands. They are in perfect condition, they were rarely played and spent most of their time either on display or storage. I'm asking 50 dollars for the like new lot. Will include a used set of  Sailor Moon play cards.  SOLD

An unopened pack of Sailor Moon Japanese Trading Cards. 5.00 SOLD

Unopened Sailor Moon Japanese Trading Cards (I believe these are booster packs), 1.00 a piece.SOLD

My rubber keychain set, 15.00SOLD

Small unopened Sailor Moon Doll, 11.00

I'm very fond of this little guy, he needs a good home. A like new quality Artemis. 6.00 SOLD

And finally two perfect, like new Sailor Moon season 1 and Sailor Moon season 2SOLD. As most Sailor Moon fans know this product has been out of production for years. On eBay I've seen a used one of these run for 300 (look it up if you don't believe me!) but I am only asking for 70 for one, 120 for both.

As I find more of my old stuff I'll be sure to upload it here. The rest of my collection consists of DVDS, CDS, Japanese Exclusive merchandise and even some PGSM stuff. 

If you are interested in anything you have seen or have any inquiries please feel free to private message me.

If you would like to purchase something just send me a Private Message were I will give you my billing address (I only accept money orders, sorry). 

Thank you and have a nice day! 

Things definitely sold 
Keychain Set to thelittlewolf (awaiting payment)
Sailor Moon R DVDs to battycollector (awaiting payment)
Doll Collection to queenamoonfan (awaiting payment)
Unopened Cards + Unopened Booster Packs to sunsetcho (payment received, items sent)
Artemis to lilfrizz546 (awaiting payment)
(if for some reason the buys are unable to make purchase please let me know me know so I can put them back up for another possible owner)

Sailor Moon Season 1 Uncut
Small Doll, Unopened
both items need homes :) 

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