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Final Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for~
serasell & smcollector are getting married!

LOL, just kidding! We are becoming one community though. Isn't that exciting!? If you haven't heard, the two communities have decided to merge so that all your Sailor Moon merchandise posts can be together. You'll be allowed to post collection updates, photo-shoots, collection related memes, bootleg inquiries, LTB/LTS/LTT; all in one place! As long as it's collection related, it's all good. :D

When will this happen, you ask? Well, we started this a couple weeks ago. Sadly, killmeneko and I were pretty busy when the idea first arose, so it has taken us longer than expected to get everything finalized. However~ This is your 1 week alert. On August 1st, 2012, the community will be closed to new posts. On this same day, sales will be allowed in smcollector, and I will post an announcement there as well. Please take this time to finish up any transactions you may have started recently. Take down names and get in contact via PM if you must, but I encourage you to wrap everything up within the community. Please do not make any posts that you cannot follow through with in this time frame.

Thank you all for your support and time spent in this community. We hope to see you at smcollector very soon!


All members have been removed from the community as it is now strictly archival.
We hope to see you all at smcollector very soon!

sm lot for sale

Here is a sailor moon lot for sale. I would like to sell it as a set and im taking best offers. Im thinking $30 or so? I have feedback on this community. note-some of the pieces of the figures may be missing and the cds have scratches but they do play.


Wheeeee! Sales!

Ok so I got a lot of stuff! Feel free to throw out offers if you think something is too much I want to move as much of this out of my place. A lot of it has recently come in from Japan and it's like new. The packaging has been opened to view the items but everything has it's toei sticker. Pretty much everything is negotiable. Click image for larger version. If you need more details or would like to see more pics let me know. No PM's please I'll respond to each comment on the thread. All shipping costs will include paypal fee, shipping materials and delivery confirmation.
Also free shipping on orders over $20! (That includes stuff from my journal post too)

I try to get these items to people who really want them I'm only trying to make my money back not trying to gouge people if you think the prices are too high just let me know. I'm more of a buyer than a seller XD

Wishlist if you have items I'd be open to trades. I collect chibi style stuff mainly so if you have something I don't have show me a picture! Just an FYI I don't collect this art style.


All on ebay!

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sm lot for sale

I added some stuff to a previous lot i had for sale. The stars scroll is damaged on the top and that part is not attached to the holder thing, but should be fixable. The rest of the items are in good condition. Take all of it for $25 shipped or best offer! I have feedback on this community.



So just now I've found the trove of Sailor Moon things I've been looking for forever. Since it is ALOT of stuff I'll just post a link to my store on eBay

Some of the things I have 

Sailor Moon english mangas
Sailor Moon SuperS DVD
the Sailor Moon Movies
Sailor Moon dolls including a 16" Sailor Moon and Pluto
and more! Just check it out and tell me if you see anything that catches your eye. 

Store Here

Everything for sale, leaving collecting!

So after much debate and much consideration I think I'm at the point where I am able to part with all of my collection. I made rent last month in large part due to the awesome help of this community and I want to thank all those who participated and were lovely through my time of need. It means alot to me. I'm definitely still a moonie at heart, and luckily my situation has turned a bit, I have a job, about 2 days a week but it's something and I'm happy to have it! I'm not completely leaving the moonie fandom, I plan to continue with focusing just on the anime cels I've been collecting along side :) Anyways almost everything is for sale with the exception of some things that I find would be too difficult to part with and personally I'd like to keep just a bit of the moon theme going on ;) Everything has a direct sale price, your welcome to offer or just flat out ask for the price, both are fine by me. Everything under the cut.

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