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Final Week!

Final Week!

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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for~
serasell & smcollector are getting married!

LOL, just kidding! We are becoming one community though. Isn't that exciting!? If you haven't heard, the two communities have decided to merge so that all your Sailor Moon merchandise posts can be together. You'll be allowed to post collection updates, photo-shoots, collection related memes, bootleg inquiries, LTB/LTS/LTT; all in one place! As long as it's collection related, it's all good. :D

When will this happen, you ask? Well, we started this a couple weeks ago. Sadly, killmeneko and I were pretty busy when the idea first arose, so it has taken us longer than expected to get everything finalized. However~ This is your 1 week alert. On August 1st, 2012, the community will be closed to new posts. On this same day, sales will be allowed in smcollector, and I will post an announcement there as well. Please take this time to finish up any transactions you may have started recently. Take down names and get in contact via PM if you must, but I encourage you to wrap everything up within the community. Please do not make any posts that you cannot follow through with in this time frame.

Thank you all for your support and time spent in this community. We hope to see you at smcollector very soon!


All members have been removed from the community as it is now strictly archival.
We hope to see you all at smcollector very soon!
  • This is actually really exciting! I think it is a good move. It will be much easier to have everything in one place. Definitely. :)

    SeraSell has had some INTERESTING moments to say the least. haha.
  • Can't wait for the merge. Thanks so much for your hard work. ii have a bunch of stuff to selli can't wait to list on the newly found smcollector.
  • Do we have to apply to become members at smcollector if we haven't already?
  • I am so looking forward to all being in one place. Good work ladies!
  • Here's to new and better things! -cheers-!
  • Will the rules to join smcollector become more strict? We don't want certain scammers infiltrating >_
    • They're about the same, with a few adjustments. Also, killmeneko is in charge of new member screening, and she's far more suspicious than I am (with her investigations & intuition). Also, if you said anything more, it was eaten up by html thanks to the greater than symbol. I hate that. (>_<) ---Only works if you do it like that.
  • This is wonderful news! Now I don't have to keep two separate tabs open! /lazybitch
  • Great work you guys and it will be great to have one community for everything ^_^
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