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So just now I've found the trove of Sailor Moon things I've been looking for forever. Since it is ALOT of stuff I'll just post a link to my store on eBay

Some of the things I have 

Sailor Moon english mangas
Sailor Moon SuperS DVD
the Sailor Moon Movies
Sailor Moon dolls including a 16" Sailor Moon and Pluto
and more! Just check it out and tell me if you see anything that catches your eye. 

Store Here

  • Maybe it's just me, but I say $5 each is too little...Of course, assuming these aren't bootlegs and considering the condition...pictures always help.

    As for the technical price range, I can't help you there. I got what gashapons I own many years back, and I don't know the value of them now. You can try EBay for a reference, but also keep in mind that they sometimes jack the price up every once in a while, but you should be able to see a common trend in prices if you look them up individually...
    • I might just do that. And, yes, they are genuine. I ordered them from Japan many years ago. I think I will look around on eBay to try to find a common price.
  • I've noticed that prices will vary depending on what the character is. Eternal Moon will probably get you more money if you sell her then just Usagi because she can be a little harder to find. I paid more for my Eternal Moon then I did for my swimsuit Usagi.
  • I agree with the person above me, it varies depending on the character. For Eternal Sailor Moon you could definitely get some more monney.

    Depending on what you have though, I may be interested :)
  • Thanks for the advice, guys :)
  • (no subject) - bladechild
    • Hi, I'm more than willing to show you selected ones. I really don't feel like putting them all together. So I'll just list the ones I have and you tell me which ones you want to see, k?

      I Have Super Sailor Moon
      Eternal Sailor Moon
      ChibiUsa in a maid outfit
      Rei in Priestess Outfit
      Minako in a swimsuit
      Ami in Pajamas.
  • i am still missing some from my collection as well so im interested too!
  • ESM can fetch at least $15 I think, maybe more (I haven't checked prices in awhile)
    the others, maybe $7 each? you should check ebay and then go lower than that, or price them and be open to best offer. good luck!
  • Could I call dibs on Super Sailormoon? ;u; *wanted her forever!*
  • I would like to be next in line for Super Sailor Moon and Usagi!

    Edited at 2011-07-10 05:00 pm (UTC)
  • How much do you want for all of them shipped to 61108?
    • All of my Usagi/Sailormoons are gone, but I have everyone else, are you still interested?

      For Hotaru is the highest price one at 12 dollars
      Everyone else I would ask 7 dollars for except Chibiusa, I'll only as 4 for her.

      So with the remaining it will be about 51 dollars for 7 (I originally gave about 10-14 dollars a piece for them back in '03)

      Are you interested?
  • I'm interested in Eternal Sailor Moon. When you have decided on a price, please let me know! I'm not a gashapon person so I don't want to make an offer without any knowledge! ^^
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