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Announcement: Pixelmari Permanently Banned

Announcement: Pixelmari Permanently Banned

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*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Go here! However, this post is members locked.

Hello members~

I hope you all are having a fine time today.

I'm posting with some rather distressing news regarding one of our now ex-members, pixelmari. She has been permanently banned for being a poor buyer, harassing another member, and degrading the moderators for taking appropriate action against her.

I will not be going into full detail of all events that took place, but I will outline all important aspects for the community to review.

Comments have been screened as of 8/19/10 @ 5:30pm PST.

Transaction outlined by jelenity. No edits by me what-so-ever, naturally.

First (April) thread of items for sale with initial transaction order from pixelmari

* She was invoiced with total.
* She said she only had so much and it wasn't enough in paypal.
* I via message declined "offer" and said to come back when she was able to pay. To please make sure to note her totals before ordering from me. 4/17/10

~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖

2nd thread posting of items for sale (Pixelmari continued)...

I didn't hear anything from her again until this thread back on 06/02/10

* I specified I had aready invoiced her and left the link for that info because she was asking for the items again and wanted another invoice since I had a sale.
* You can see what happened by reading transaction.. Again after all the BS she just doesn't have enough money even though I gave her the (at that time) the discount.
* She offered me $24 from a $30 + shipping order. At this time I said no. I told her she would have to pay in full and when she had money to place an order then. I am sure I don't need to write this but it just makes my head boil..

Efectivly this order too was canceled as she didn't have the money. Sale was over as well.

~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖ ~✖✖

Then the 3rd round of posts is located here (Pixelmari), continued..

* Conviently wants to trade partially with me for her old order.
* Her total for them is way over what I want to spend and I made a note to her about it.
* Specified if no reply and payment recieved items go back out for sale. So I was not sure if I had items from her old order or not.
* She asked again for the same darn order as last time.
* Her total was $40 + shipping NOT ON SALE
* She was invoiced copy & paste via post in serasell and inbox messages.
* She paid partially by paypal without sending the correct amount. Paypal invoice can be e-mailed to you for proof as I have it but I could not get her screen name to show in the copy paste unless I replied somehow. So this is that message after I hit forward and kept the address to blank.

This is the copy/paste version of the PayPal refund email received by jelenity from pixelmari, as outlined in italics above. Names and emails {replaced} for privacy.

From: kittierainbow {mailto:pixelmari@livejournal.com}
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 5:00 PM
To: {jelenity@livejournal.com}
Subject: Re: Refund from {jelenity}


keep your junk

* ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ *


On 8/13/2010 2:42 PM, service@paypal.com wrote:
Aug 13, 2010 07:07:16 PDT
Transaction ID: 2KM367081H209433K

Hello {pixelmari},

{jelenity} just sent you a refund

{jelenity} just sent you a full refund of $33.00 USD for your purchase. If you have any questions about this refund, please contact {jelenity}.

The refund will go to your PayPal account.

To see all the transaction details, please log into your PayPal account. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

Merchant information

Note from merchant
Again not the total I had invoiced. Order has been canceled.

Original transaction details
Description: Purchase from {jelenity]
$33.00 USD

Refund to PayPal Balance:
$33.00 USD

Questions? Visit the Help Center at: https://www.paypal.com/us/help.
Thanks for using PayPal – the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online.
Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
PayPal Email ID PP{0000}

From there, pixelmari proceed to harass jelenity in someone else's sales thread. The comment has since been deleted, but here is the copy/paste from the comment notification email.

On Mon, 8/16/10, pixelmari - LJ Comment wrote:

From: pixelmari - LJ Comment
Subject: Reply to your comment...
To: {jelenity@livejournal.com}
Date: Monday, August 16, 2010, 10:39 PM

pixelmari (pixelmari) replied to a comment you left in a LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:

Ok.. I have to bite. Would there be anything Sailor Moon or non sailorMoon from my extras on my site that I could use to tempt you to trade for the DVD season 1 box set..??
Main link here --> http://www.serendipity-collections.com/
Sailor Moon randomness here --> http://www.serendipity-collections.c om/sm4sale.htm

✖✖~ Feedback ~✖✖
~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
~❤~ My LiveJournal: Serendipity Collections
~❤~ Serasell: community.livejournal.com/serasell/80840 4.html
~❤~ Garage Sale Japan (they are currently working on merging old and new FB sections):
* My new Feedback section for group: community.livejournal.com/gsj_feedbacks/8 7398.html
* My older feedback section for same group: gsj-mods.livejournal.com/1365.html

Thank you for looking!

Their reply was:

no body wants your CRAP

From here, you can:

* View the thread starting from this comment
* View the entire thread this comment is a part of
* View all comments to this entry
* Reply at the webpage

I am posting some screen caps. First is of the annoynymous, profane feedback pixelmari left on jelenity's journal, which can still be viewed here and here. The screen caps match her IP address from SeraSell to the annon feedback comments.

WARNING! They're VERY large images to preserve authenticity.
Anon Comment One

Anon Comment Two

SeraSell Comment

Note that the IP logs from both anon comments match the IP log from pixelmari's SeraSell comments here.

pixelmari then attempted to leave negative feedback AGAIN using SeraSell's community feedback thread. Despite the simple directions to find her username, click the link beside it and leave feedback there, she chose to create her own thread. This is against the feedback post rules. This is what took place. Available for public viewing for as long as possible.

Link to thread created by Pixelmari

Screen caps, just in case any comments get deleted. Replies ARE FROZEN.
Start thread.

Cap 2
Cap 3
Cap 4
Cap 5
Cap 6
Cap 7
Cap 8

End thread.

This has gotten far enough out hand as it is, and while she was only to receive a temporary ban at this point, she has been permanently banned for this childish outburst (which, I might add, gets longer every time I refer to it for the link).

Link to post until it's removed or locked

I am actually preparing to take action against this post by filing a complaint with LiveJournal. She is slandering me as a mother, and LiveJournal does not tolerate such harassment. I hope... (>_<) I can handle being called an "unfit mod" or a "bad seller", but when you bring MY KIDS into your childish ranting... I've had it. =/

Thank you all for your time. I am sorry such a thing has occurred within this community. Please, come forward with any and all questions, and if you are EVER a victim like this, let us know! We want to be there for you to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience within our community.

Best regards,

EDIT: Just received this screen cap in an email. It's from today, August 18th.

Just more proof that the profane anon feedback is, in fact, from pixelmari.
  • Wow, thanks for the heads up. Was thinking of buying from her, but don't wanna risk this sort of drama.
  • Honestly, it sounds like you mods made the right decision. *thumbs up*
  • This is interesting. I sold to her once, and the transaction was pretty smooth. I guess I was lucky?
    • You're not the only one. I had a smooth transaction with her too.

      I guess she was smart enough to not try to swindle everybody all of the time, just some of the people some of the time. We really were just lucky, I guess.
      • I have had transactions with her in the past as well. While she was never rude or anything like this, she was notorious for changing her order, taking forever to get back to me, and she could never make payments on time. Considering her orders were fairly large back then, I had no problem with the payment plans we usually settled on. She's not the best communicator though.
      • Same here, I believe.
    • I did too, although in retrospect she asked me for a lower price than I originally offered, and I just took it, since I really have no idea what the VHS tapes are worth.
  • Hoooooooooooly shazbit.

    Now I feel like a total asshole for that one time that I defended pixelmari last year.

    Thank you for compiling all of this evidence and opening my eyes.
  • Jesus, this is ridiculous. The ban was well deserved - thanks for handling it the way you did :)

    Also, I would definitely take up her slander with LiveJournal. Her insults are extremely childish and completely out of line. If anyone, she's acting like this is the end of the world.
  • Thank you to the mods for taking care of the community so well. I appreciate your time and effort in investigating the situation and in being so open with the members of the community.
  • (no subject) - ibekate
    • Thank you ibekate, Storm, Killme, and I all appreciate the thought and the kind offer of help.

      This is another reason as to why I have not gotten my manga listing ready. O_0 I swear I will get to it asap! >_
  • Christ on a cracker. So much of that was uncalled for and totally unnecessary. I don't think your actions were too harsh at all. There is no call for name calling at ANY TIME just because you may not agree with a price or the seller's right to accept or decline an offer.

    I hope LJ will be able to do something about her slanderous post, because she knows nothing about the way you raise your kids. Someone needs to get off the internet.
  • Woah.

    I mainly see this chick on deviantart and she never acted like that....but woah. Thats pretty messed up and rude of her.

    She had plenty of chances, she's just mad cause she didn't get her way. Too bad.
  • Thank goodness.

    Aside from her bad trading, she even ripped off my phone charm designs and started selling them on ebay right after mine started to sell. THEN she sends me a message under a different username asking the best way to list her items so she can sell more. For real? Am I that naive?

    She's done all sorts of sketchy things (check out her ebay feedback!) so I'm glad shes out of here, I'd hate for someone else to get the same treatment as shown above.
    • Honey,

      Not sure if you saw the post I made but have you considered Etsy.com ..??
      It's less then e-bay and you can have stuff up there for a few months for I think it's .20 a listing. Then you can post here for the stuff once you update ect. I sell my jewelry on there and it's a very nice place. All hand made.
      • You know, I have an Etsy and tried selling some jewelry a while ago and didn't sell anything. I haven't tried listing my phone charms yet since I didn't do so well last time. So does your jewelry sell pretty well/quickly?
        • In general, sales are far and few between. I really think it's the economy really rearing it's ugly head. However if you did a few of your SM items and then post to the SM and yahoo! groups you still might do as good as e-bay and she might possibly not be able to copy your designs as easily any more.
          • Hmm, I'll definitely have to try that. I really don't want her to see my items if I can avoid it, so it'll be worth a shot! Thank you for all the info!
  • ...Well then. I always thought she came off as rude. And to be totally honest I was sick of the same post of hers over and over again with alleged "updates" (I could never see anything new...>.>). Not to mention she was kind of snippy to me personally on more than one occasion.
    Gosh I'm sorry she was so childish to you guys though. That couldn't be tolerated so I'm happy to see action taken. :/

    I think she should be booted off the site to be honest. That type of behavior should not be able to take place. Getting in to personal matters is always extremely immature and uncalled for.
    • She chose that route because she was pushed into a corner with facts that were well kept and documented. She couldn't get out of her screw up and will loose lots of hits (not necessarily sales) because of her stupidity But because she responded without comprehensive thinking she did an irrational and very immature post. That's the precise reason why I left that info up on my site still in the feedback where she left it.

      Dealing with facts is responsible and mature. Dealing and spouting personal issues just to throw off one's readers is called a pitty tactic. Frankly she is going to get much the opposite of that as word gets out.
      • I think there's always a time when you need to realize you have made a blunder, and you need to take a step back and re-assess the situation, you know? Maybe if she would have calmed down for a moment and thought about what she was saying, perhaps such drastic actions wouldn't have taken place. I agree with how you phrased it; "pitty tactic" fits well.

        I know I've spread a word or two of her around...;D We'll see how popular she is in a bit. Heh.
  • WOW what the hell happened?? I guess I was too busy listing stuff to sell, I didn't notice this shit was STILL going on. She's really pissed, huh, she just couldn't relax for a bit, had to throw a shitfit and make things worse. Now she's out of the community for good and its her own damn fault.

    Is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed there is no one to buy my Mercury stuff now xD
  • Wow, just wow. Way to bring childish drama. And talking about someone as a mother? that's just unheard of. I never bought from her, but I looked @ her stuff a couple times and thought it was kinda sketchy. good riddance. people like that aren't needed in this happy community. thanks mods for looking out!
  • I wanted to bring up the comment she made about "no body wanting your crap" to the mods, but then the comment was deleted, so I didn't know what to do. It's good to see it was handled maturely and properly.
    • Thank you for looking out for me pocky. It was appreaciated. I had sent you a message through LJ about that... Did you get it..?
      • Really weird, I never got it. I just went through my inbox just to be sure but nothing's there.
        • Lj must have ate the message again. I sent you a if you get a message with the "no body want's your crap" message to forward to Stormfairy. But it's cool we got her. I sent all the hard copies out to MOD's.

          If you ever get a wierd posting like that again where someone posted in your thread to someone else and it's rude, just forward it to Storm. ^_^ She will look into it.

          We try to keep an eye out on this group for each others backs with stuff.
          • LJ ate my reply I sent to this earlier today too it seems. By the time I got on a computer (I mostly surf on my droid, because I'm always working), the comment wasn't shown but it still was on an email on my phone. I was then super confused.
            But it's good to see it was taken care of.
  • I am *so* glad now that I didn't go through with a transaction I made with her. She wouldn't give me the information on the figures I was interested in were bootleg or not... And I don't mean in a way like she didn't know. She just flat out wouldn't tell me, and was charging dangerously too much for something I wasn't even able to tell the authenticity of. :\ *sigh*
    • I can understand if someone placed them away and needs to get them back out to get you the info. I do this because I have 7 boxes now with stuff. (my box count has gone up. But to flat out ignore the request for info just so you can buy from them is BAD!! Beware of *anyone* that does that.
  • Yikes! She's very immature considering she's 33 years old =(
    • O_o Seriously? I thought she was like...19 with the way she was acting.

      I am saddened by the fact that she is two years older than me and acts with such stupidity.
      • No way... I agree with you, actually she's acting younger than that ^^; (IMO)
  • Wow, I mostly lurk moreso than anything on this community but all I can really say is..wow.

    I remember dealing with her briefly but ended up canceling a transaction from her based on her rather rude responses back. I'm glad she can't annoy/harass anyone in the community anymore.
  • .... Holy crud. @___@

    I don't buy much around here, can't afford it half the time, but... wow. I think you guys did the right thing. I feel bad for you, so much stupid, immature drama.
  • Now that I'm doing more than just skimming this....

    It's things like this that make me glad I am a member of multiple SM communities. I'm a mod over at sailormoonfans, where she is a member, and a post such as this tells me that I need to pay extra attention whenever she posts to make sure shit like this doesn't happen.

    And I lol at seracell. Seriously. Not only is it the same layout, the name comes up as SeraSell in the tab. How lame is that. I will be watching for a community promo post in SMFs.
    • Re: Now that I'm doing more than just skimming this....

      Wow, that's disgusting.

      I can't believe she'd just STEAL the layout and everything!

      Whatta bitch!

      SeraSell Members: 649

      SeraCell Members: 1

    • Re: Now that I'm doing more than just skimming this....

      She's been banned from smcollector and smcustom for stealing the layout from serasell, as they are all "sister communities."

      Now that she's totally flipped shit and gone all crazy, she's lost the privilege to be in our tight-knit communities. No one wants to deal with that crap.

      Good luck with her in sailormoonfans
      she might try to bring the drama that-a-way >_>
    • Re: Now that I'm doing more than just skimming this....

      so low of her wow
  • Wow... Thank you MODs for doing such a wonderful job; I truly commend you on the hard work you do in this community. d(^-^)

    Now, I'm so glad I didn't buy from her when I almost did; she did come off as quite rude... ⌐__⌐
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